Today I’m Making: vegan blackberry & apple crumble

We’re on the wrong side of August now and there’s nothing for it: autumn is coming. Autumn = jumpers, spanking new notebooks, hot chocolate, and really good TV (hello Doctor Who, Downton Abbey). Autumn is basically no bad thing, but it can take a bit of adjusting to when you’ve just spent your summer frolicking around in a t-shirt.

Blackberry & apple crumble is the best pudding to ease you into A/W14 because it’s hot, fruity, and still pretty hearty. While I’m not vegan, I do see the value in looking for alternatives to dairy when possible, and it was surprisingly easy to turn this British classic into a vegan-friendly dish.

Blackberry crumble

I took my recipe from the Pure Dairy Free website, but given that my approach to recipes is pretty much “bung it all in a pan and see what happens” and “I definitely don’t have all these ingredients”, here is what I did instead:


  • a bag of blackberries (I picked mine locally, but if you have no abundant hedgerows near you, they’re pretty inexpensive to buy)
  • about 1kg of cooking apples, peeled and chopped thinly (ditto, pilched from my grandma’s garden, but they’re quite cheap anyway)
  •  lemon juice to taste (around 2tbsp)
  • a couple of teaspoons of ground cinnamon/ginger to give it those distinct autumn flavours
  • caster sugar to taste
  • 125g plain flour
  • 75g Pure Dairy Free Soya


1. Heat oven to 180 degrees.
2. Peel and chop apples and place in an appropriate sized ovenproof dish. Pour washed blackberries over. Add lemon juice and sugar, and then a sprinkle of cinnamon and ginger, and a tablespoon or so of water.
3. Place in the oven and leave to soften.
4. While the fruit is softening, make the breadcrumbs by rubbing the Soya together with flour. When this looks like breadcrumbs, stir in some more sugar- if you have demerara sugar, use this.
5. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs over the fruit.
6. Leave in the oven until golden brown, for about 25 minutes, and serve warm.
7. Add a scoop of ice-cream and ruin the vegan thing straight off.



– @bryony_izz

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